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Meet other local people who are interested in Reincarnation. Share and discuss the possibility of past lives and how they affect present lives.

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You are invited to participate in Free monthly Festivals,  meetings and discussions on A Path of Extra-Ordinary Knowledge, Angels, Archetypes, Astrology,   Aura Photos, Consciousness,   Divination, Energy Healing, Enlightenment, Feng/Shui,  Manifesta


Everybody wants a better world to live in but are you willing to make yourself better first. If you raise your own vibration the 'rest' will follow. This is a group for anyone interested in tips, tools and techniques that will help you raise your vib


Would you like to learn more about the spiritual meaning of your dreams? Discuss spirituality? Have you had: An out-of-body experience? A dream with a departed loved one? A sense that you have lived before? An inner experience with light or sound? Yo

Spiritual People

We are eternal beings! Our spirits are immortal! Find out who you were before, to get to know who you are now and where you are going! We're an ongoing monthly support group helping people to discover new and different past lives each meeting! As we

Past Lifers

Edgar Cayce believed in Healing using Body, Mind, Spirit. One of the most frequently mentioned concepts in the Edgar Cayce material is that Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result. In other words, spirit is the source


DISCOVER YOUR LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE Can you recount an extraordinary occasion in your life when you:- 1) had an out-of-body experience? 2) felt a strong nudge to go by a certain decision? 3) wondered who you really are and why you are here? 4

Spiritual Explorers

Meet with people of all faiths who share a passion for spirituality and seek to have spiritual experiences—such as lucid or significant dreams, out-of-body travel, past life recall and encounters with spiritual beings—and grow from these experiences


Past life regression has been a wonderful and useful technique for my own exploration and healing over the last few years and I'm excited to share it with others. This group is intended to introduce folks to past life regression and its application a


EveryPath Alliance is a socializing, networking and support group for holistic and spiritual practioners and supporters in Oklahoma. We are a non-profit organization. We hold monthly gatherings and events where you can meet like-minded people in our


For over 16 years years now THE JOHN HENRY LIGHT HOUSE in Fairfax, Va. has been offering classes/sessions/workshops on topics on a variety of subjects under the vast umbrella of Holistic health, Metaphysics , Spirituality and Body-Mind-Spirit concept

Open minded ones,

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September 29, 2015

我們通過釋迦牟尼佛所説的話学習人生的目的。 有時、看書。有時、看動画。有時、・・・。 人生的目的是臨死也不會崩潰的幸福。 譲我們一起学習佛教!

September 27, 2015

This is a weekly group (with limited nos) and is opportunity for interested soul's to experience and access their soul's memories (Akashic records) of past lives or reincarnations while in a deep state of relaxation. Every person may have different e

Reincarnated Souls
September 23, 2015

Hi Friends,  Are you curious about the spiritual world? About your true essence? Living your purpose? This group is here for you to meet with people who share a passion for spirituality.   It will be a safe place to dive into yourself and discover yo

Spiritual Explorers
September 22, 2015

I am Barbara Ilari of Integrative Shamanism. I am a shamanic practitioner and a clairvoyant psychic medium.  This is a meetup group that will meet for fun classes to grow your intuitive gifts and maybe even find a little healing. Explore your psychic

Psychic Intuitives
September 14, 2015

Come and join us as we explore the metaphysical arena. We will be discussing mediums, dreams, psychic ability, past life regression, paranormal experiences, stones and crystals, tarot, palmistry and many other topics related to the Metaphysical and N

September 9, 2015

Ce groupe de Gnose de la ville de Québec, s'adresse à toute personne intéressée à la Connaissance Universelle (en grec Gnosis) et la Sagesse des Anciens, commune à toutes les grandes cultures, civilisations et religions... Une science de la régénérat

September 9, 2015

This group is for anyone in Montreal interested in classes on Gnosis (Greek for 'Knowledge'), the Ancient and Universal Wisdom common to all the diverse cultures and great religions of this planet. Our objective is to make this Universal Teaching kno

September 8, 2015

我們通過釋迦牟尼佛所説的話学習人生的目的。 有時、看書。有時、看動画。有時、・・・。 人生的目的是臨死也不會崩潰的幸福。 譲我們一起学習佛教!

September 7, 2015

We live in a time of unprecedented interest in spirituality. Spiritual experiences are no longer the exclusive domain of religious leaders, saints, and mystics. They are a part of everyday living for millions of people. And these people have question

spiritual adventurers
September 2, 2015

This group is for explorers of consciousness--whether from a personal or scientific perspective. We focus on a wide variety of consciousness topics from lucid dreaming to out-of-body experience, meditation to energy healing, remote viewing to reincar

Consciousness Explorers
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